Evergreen: Mary Jay & The Big Eye Plant (Short Story) Preview


Currently hard at work finishing off my short story; Evergreen: Mary Jay & The Big Eye Plant. The story itself is about done, just working on the illustrations. The story is for all ages, and I hope both adults and children enjoy it. The short story will be posted here, and a e-book version will be available as well.

The day was nice. The sun out and bright with no clouds in sight. The river ran it’s clean and deep blue water throughout the village. You can hear the birds chirping, the whispers amongst the eye plants, the flower’s singing their daily harmony tunes. And the small talk between Evergreener’s and the tall old living tree’s. The day was just like any other day in Evergreen. Pleasant and beautiful…

The Personal Consumer Robots of 2015-2016


The Robots are coming and are you going to be ready for it? Someday in the very near future seeing a robot walking the street will become the norm. Children from the current generation will grow up with robots and ask the question we asked our parents today, “how the hell did you survive without a cellphone?” of course replace cellphone with robots, and your left to realize how old you are and tell your children you grew up with no robots. They will look at you in amazement, as we look at our parents and grandparents today when they tell us they grew up with no cellphone’s or computers (Gasp!) This is how technology is though, every few years comes something that changes the world completely. Telephones, Television, Cars, Computers, Cellphones, Tablets, Smart wear, Smart Home/Internet of Things, and now the Robot. Many fear that robots will take most of the jobs that humans do today (which is true) But, I’m not one to fear robots, I love them and always wanted my own personal robot. Do I fear they will take jobs? yes, but with elimination of jobs comes jobs that are created (think of how the internet took jobs and also supplied them) I’m happy to be in the era where the reality of owning a personal robot is coming true. I do plan on buying a personal robot for myself to complete my every task, of course not every task will be completed with the current robots, but someday it shall. I’m not here to write about the fears or dangers of robots, but to simply list the current personal consumer robots that will soon be finding a place in your homes. Here is the list of personal consumer robots that I would buy (Basically most of them) and will become available this year or by next year.

Softbank’s Pepper the Robot

pepper robot

By far the most interesting personal robot would have to be Softbank’s Pepper Robot. Pepper can read human’s emotions, being able to recognize and react to human emotions. The robot is autonomous and comes equipped with a tablet able to access internet and other things, but sadly though, the robot can’t cook or clean. Also, if you haven’t noticed it navigates on wheels…so, no stairs. Pepper the robot is becoming popular in Japan though, recently the robot has been selling phones in it’s Softbank stores, as well as being hired as employees by Nestle for their Nescafe stores. Originally Pepper was supposed to be released this month, but was delayed and released to developers to develop apps for the robot, similar to that of smartphone apps.

Pepper is by far my favorite personal robot that’s coming out, but I’m probably going wait out on buying one until apps ecosystem is fully developed. Imagine what the robot can do with the right programmed apps!?



Created by Jibo Inc and Social Robots MIT Professor Cynthia Breazeal. Jibo is being marketed as the world’s first family robot. Sure, Jibo has no legs or arms and can’t move autonomously, but Jibo can see with his high res camera’s, and even take a few pictures for the family. He can hear with his 360 degree microphones, can speak and have conversations as well as schedule events or send messages, he also learn as he lives with you.

I love Jibo, I really do. But, come on he has to stay at one spot plugged into an outlet. Even though it’ll be cool to have him greet you in which room he is, it’s just a bummer that he can’t walk. I’m still on the fence on Jibo, but people have fallen in love with this robot, with the starter on indiegogo surpassing 1 million dollars. Currently Jibo is set for release in late 2015, early 2016. With developer kits already sold out.

Robot Base’s Personal Robot


Not much is really known about Robot Base’s Personal Robot. But, as you can see it has no arms or legs, but does roam autonomously on wheels. The robot connects to all the things in your house, fitness bands, phones, televisions, lights and temperatures. It can also detect people, objects and animals.

By far my favorite personal robot. Although, it does bug me that the robot doesn’t have a physical face, but rather just a face on a screen. I guess being able to customize your avatar makes up for it. This robot is truly in control of everything, which is a good and bad thing. This is definitely one I’m looking out for. Just like the other robots, this robot will be released later this year, with developers currently at work developing apps.

The Care-O-Bot 4


Lastly, is The Care-O-Bot 4 due for release later this year, early 2016. The Care-O-Bot can basically do everything that the robots I have mentioned already can do (Except control your house) He can also deliver drinks to you, assist you with cooking and cleaning, as well as take your heart pressure.

Not too much information has been released on this robot, but just by reading what it can do it’s most definitely the robot I would want to buy. But, also just looking at it and seeing it’s capabilities, it’s also a robot I would probably guess will be pretty expensive. Nevertheless The Care-O-Bot 4 is an advanced machine that I can’t wait for to pop up everything, along with the rest of these robots. Many people fear the rise of the robots, but you shouldn’t. Just like the computer many people had their doubts, but over the years people accepted the internet and the computer, and yes it did take some jobs, but also created a bunch more in the process. The same can definitely be said about robots. A decade from now we’ll probably look back and laugh at ourselves over our silly early fears of the robots, as our robot companions of 2025 fetches us a drink or two, walks the dog and finishes the laundry.

A Touch of Light Poem

Aching and burning I can feel in me

Come near and you’ll feel what I feel.

I feel as something is missing, something blocked.

My eye’s are are completely shut.

Come near, and come see, and place your hand on me.

Magnet’s coming together, I can feel the light streaming down like a river.

My pain, my aches, and the darkness within,

washed away with your sudden touch.

A ray a light beaming through and out of me.

I can feel the warmth  coming from you and into me.

A true sense of well being, all three eye’s now viewing.

  You have blessed me with the light,

and diminished the night. No more ache’s, no more pain,

I can see the kingdom of the heavens now in my frame,

not so far off there’s so much knowledge to gain.

My eye’s open and pouring with the light, it all began with just a touch.

A touch of god, a touch of knowledge, a touch of light, brighter then the sun

you see, caring you off like a shell in the sea.

  Just a touch of light and everything will always be alright.


Already not liking American Horror Story Season 5 News

I’m a huge fan of American Horror Story (Season 2 still being my favorite) and I liked Season 4, and was even looking for those clues located in all the episodes (those top hats hmmm) Well, originally I linked it up to Operation Top Hat, it involved the U.S army and the use of Chemical Corps personnel to test biological and chemical warfare decontamination methods in 1953. Of course with the clues being dropped in Season 4, this is what you would think Season 5 would be about (aliens, hills have eyes type stuff, creeepy) But, then today comes a tweet from the awful overrated entertainer that is Lady Gaga…

Why? Firstly, why cast Lady Gaga? She’s not an actress, I don’t care if she acted before, she’s simply not an actress and then you want her to be the main star of the show? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s unknown what character or animal she will be playing. Next, American Horror Story: Hotel…Seriously, what the hell? What is this a remake of the Shining? Cause I’m pretty sure it’s going to be exactly the same. I’m already predicting it’s somehow going to be set throughout the 20th and 21st century connecting it to all the seasons (am I right?) Next if it’s a hotel, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be set in Hollywood or LA, where else are there creepy old hotels? So, no shockers there at all. The only shocker was the producers jumping the shark on hiring a singer for a main acting role. But, we shall see how Lady to the Gaga does, I will give the season a chance, but if it doesn’t deliver, I’m checking out of the hotel. American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere this October on FX.

Welcome to The MAD Spot

Hello. I’m Joe.

Well this is officially my first post on this blog. I created the Mad Spot to let out of my feelings and views on many different events and things that go on in my daily life, and sometimes it’s just rejuvenating releasing these feelings and thoughts on the internet for everyone to see. I’m an inspiring author, enthusiast of technology, business, spirituality, politics and the unknown. And sometimes I’m simply just a ranter. Either way you will always know what’s going on my mad mind over here at the MAD Spot. There’s really no line as to what I will write about, so I highly recommend to stay updated, and I hope you enjoy the madness I shall bring to the Mad Spot.